Feature suggestion - acquire Patreon posts


Recently I was looking for help on reading data from Patreon posts. I already found a workaround for this (thanks to LiraNuna), but then philidini said this:

So here I am.

Use case: Display Patreon posts on an external website.
The idea behind it is simple - instead of using other websites (such as Wordpress) for blogging, just use Patreon itself.
There are few significant advantages of this:

  • You don’t have to handle patron authorization - that makes patreon only content more secure (since when you are coding that yourself some security breaches may occur) and website more accessible (patrons don’t have to log in on every website).
  • Posts display on your Patreon profile - as simple as it seems, it actually can significantly improve the first impression for a random, Patreon browsing user.
  • Use of Patreon build-in features - since everything is handled by Patreon itself, you can use features such as scheduling, early-access, featured tags or that really nice image blur.

How to achieve this:
There are 2 main ways of how API could provide such functionality.

  • Widget - an embeddable link to a website to use with an iframe. While it doesn’t allow for customization, it’s extremely easy to use, especially to inexperienced programmers.
  • API request - a simple request which returns data from all posts in a campaign. Since this requires the website designer to handle all rendering, not everyone would be able to use this. However, such a request allows for 100% customization.

It would be great if both options where available. And what do you think about it?


Hi! I’m Buster, and a new member of Patreon’s platform team, but this topic has come up several times in my first month here.

Long story short, I think we’re leaning towards supporting this… we want to remove as many steps as we can for creators to extend their patron-enhanced experiences across the web.

There are still some open questions about how and when we want to approach this use case, and the reverse (posting into Patreon from other products). But not if.