No button on Chrome

The “Become a Patron” button doesn’t display on Chrome.

Win 10, Chrome 65.0.3325.162

It’s fine on Firefox.

This is usually caused by an adblocker or something similar. Try turning it off and see if it works.

Thanks for responding but I’m not using an ad blocker.

I just updated to the exact same version of chrome (65.0.3325.162) and I don’t see any problems on my side. Care to put up a live example?


Works perfectly on my end, I’m on Win10 as well.

As I mentioned before, it’s likely some kind of browser interference (eg. addons and such).

OK, thanks for checking. I’ve looked at all my extensions, there’s nothing related to ad blockers. But at least I know it’s not like that for everyone, so I won’t worry about it. Thanks again.

Same for me. Buttons work.

In the screenshot you included it seems your browser wasnt able to get that image for that button. And as a result showed a placeholder. The button in next post appears normally as can be seen.

It’s the same post. The button is showing in Firefox (the second screenshot) but not in Chrome (the first one).

Oh i was mistaken, sorry.

Well, then as Xevonin said, this would be an issue with your particular Chrome installation. Any extensions, ad blockers, anti virus, or even trojans or adware you may have on your browser.