Button not showing on Unlocked posts (Fixed-disregard)

Hi, My “Like it?” button is showing up on patron locked posts, (which seems counter intuitive, since they’re already a patron if they can see that post) but not on my unlocked posts, which is where I really need it to drive supporters to patreon!

Also, is the sneak peek available with the lite/free version or only for pro, please & thank you.

This is pretty odd. Are your plugins the latest version?

Sneak Peek is a Pro version feature. Custom individual post call to action as well.

By the way, there are more than one Patreon plugin. Two free and two premium to be exact. They act as addons to each other and add features to each other. More plugins are planned.

The below page at Codebard.com lists all existing Patreon plugins.

Thank you! I’ll look into the others. <3

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