Posts are not showing up on site, neither are any buttons

I synced up my posts into my wordpress, I’ve been trouble shooting for hours.
All I get on my site is a Custom Call to Action Banner image that I added through wordpress access.
That is the only thing that shows up on the page, hide unlock with patreon button is unchecked…
and none of my synced posts which are open to the public are showing.

Please help : )

“Hide unlock with Patreon” button/option? What is the exact option name? Can you copy/paste it?

Yes – to clarify, I meant “Hide ‘Login with Patreon’ Button.”

My understanding is that I should be able to display my patreon posts on my website - this would include posts that are open to everyone as well as locked posts. Am I mistaken? Do I need a particular type of wordpress set-up? Either way, something other than my call to action banner should be showing up on my site, right? Even though they are marked as synced, my new posts don’t show up either…

Thanks for your help! - Molly

Enable strict oAuth

If on, the plugin will only connect users who are already logged into your WordPress website. If off, new accounts will be created automatically for users who are logging in for the first time via Patreon. Recommended: off

Enable image locking features

If on, you will be able to lock your images and provide patron only images anywhere in your posts like webcomics or visual content. If you aren’t using image locking or having complications due to your web host infrastructure, you can keep this feature off. Whenever you turn this feature on or off, you should visit ‘Permalinks’ settings in your WordPress site and save your permalinks just once by clicking ‘Save’. Otherwise your images may appear broken.

Make entire site Patron-only with Pledge Level
(Only Patrons at and over this pledge level will be able to see Posts) $
Custom Call to Action Banner
You can show a custom Call to Action Notification and Banner (ie, “Be our Patron to see this content!”) to your visitors. You can use HTML too. Leave empty to disable.


Enable Login with Patreon
If on, users will be able to login to your website via Patreon and view patron only posts. If off, no one will be able to login to your website via Patreon and post locking will be disabled. Recommended: on

Allow Admins/Editors to ‘Login with Patreon’ Button
If on, admins and editors will be able to login to your website login via Patreon. If off, only non admin/editor users will be able to login to your website via Patreon. Recommended: on

Hide ‘Login with Patreon’ Button
If on, ‘Login with Patreon’ button will be hidden from WP login page and WP login forms. Users can still log in or unlock via Patreon using unlock buttons. Recommended: off

Custom Patreon Page name
Overrides the Patreon page name in the text on locked posts. You can set a custom text for your page name with this option. If empty, the name you set for your page at Patreon is used, if you did not set a name for your page at Patreon, your first name is used.

Prevent caching of gated content
If Yes, PW will try to prevent gated content from being cached in order to prevent users from still seeing cached version of gated content after unlocking it. Recommended: Yes

Currency sign
You can set the currency sign to match your campaign currency here. This will be used in gated posts to show the pledge amount needed to unlock the post

Sync Patreon posts
If Yes, the plugin will sync your posts from Patreon to your WP site on an ongoing basis. Recommended: Yes

Post type and category for synced posts
Set which post type and category/taxonomy will be used for synced posts.

Molly McGivern
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Hiding login with Patreon button is not relevant to any of this. It should not be set to on. Its not obligatory to login with Patreon - both normal WP users and Patreon users can log into the site already.

If you set that banner and despite all that no locked post is showing Patreon button and interface, then there may be an issue with caching at your site with your pages showing cached/stale versions of the pages or your site may have lost connection to Patreon.

You can try following the steps in the below guide to refresh your connection: