Patreon api stopped working

Hello. I’m a creator and using patreon api so that my patrons can connect their patreon accounts to my site. It worked fine but then suddenly api stopped responding with status code 302. Peculiarly it still works on my local machine but doesn’t work on the server anymore. What might be the case? I suspect my ip got banned or something like that which is super weird.

Your server may be filtering connections to Patreon api. Ensuring that does not happen would be the first step. Then contacting Patreon to see whether your ip is banned or your client is banned could be the next step.

Then again your token may have expired if you are using your creator token. Check that in app details.

Ok. I fixed that. (that was embarrassing)

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If your token was expired, recording timestamp of your token and using a cron to refresh it when it nears expiration is the best option.