Patreon App Not Working w/ Streamable


So a lot of content creators have been facing major issues with our content being stolen and shared on other platforms.

For people using Streamable, they have a feature called ‘Domain Privacy’. This feature only allows domains that we allow to access our content. By using ‘’ the feature works perfectly using a web browser.

The issue we are having is that when people try to use the Patreon App, they are not able to access those same videos. This issue has been going on for years and I would love for someone to help us stop losing business and address this.

When users open a video through the Patreon app, they recieve a message stating “Oops! Video Unavilable”

From my findings, I’m wondering if there is a mobile domain address that we can use, or does something have to happen in the backend with the devs. We have spoken with the Streamable team, and they confirmed to have spoken to you all and realized this was an issue on Patreon’s end.

Sorry for the long description but I wanted to make sure everything was explained correctly.

Patreon app as in Patreon mobile app? If so, you would need to post a support ticket at Patreon help desk for this since this cant be handled/sorted out via the API.