Question about posting external videos

Hi there! I’m new to Patreon and just realised I can’t actually post external videos to Patreon, i have to link them from YouTube, Vimeo ect. However i found out i can embed private videos from Vimeo to Patreon but unfortunately Vimeo costs money that i don’t have to spend at the moment. I only want my videos to appear on Patreon and not be seen anywhere else as i really love the idea of this platform and only want to use Patreon. Can you guys tell me of any other sites that i can use where i can embed private videos onto Patreon? Or, is there a way of posting external videos to Patreon that i haven’t noticed? Thank you.


Hello Viper,

On YouTube you can have ‘unlisted’ videos which are only accessible directly with a link. This means nobody will find it through search or on your YouTube channel. The only downside is if a patron wanted to, they could share the link with the world - though this is always possible, technically.

Would this be enough to serve your purpose?

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