Where do most video producers post their actual videos?

OK. From what I’ve seen some of the video producers post the actual video on their YouTube account. It looks like maybe they keep it private at least initially it only provide the link to their patrons.

Is this correct? Or are there other options a posting the actual video for your patronage to get to it before the general public

Thank you

You are correct, private links are how most creators do video uploads right now. YouTube and Vimeo are popular choices, coupled with an early access post on Patreon.

Hi Jeffrey,

And when they click on the link on your site to unlock up the video does it also stop them from Copying that youtube link to give to others or trying to download the video? I presume it does not But that would be a great option if he did or they had to go to your site to always open that video

I will try to work on my patreon page this weekend. My site is getting a lot of hits on YouTube And we are now 10 times over their requirements.

Thank you for your response


I tried to create a post with the tier and provide early exclusive access to one of their videos

But I see no way for me to list the link for when they pay. But there was nowhere for me to list the link and I don’t I want them paying and then waiting for me to send it to them. So I may just take it down