Issue with Vimeo embed thumbnails


Strange issue I’m experiencing here:

I’ve been embedding video posts for my Patrons with Vimeo. This has been fine up until recently. For my last 2 video posts, the thumbnail/cover image from Vimeo won’t show up on the Patreon post. So it’s a blank screen with a play button (and looks like it is not working), although if you click on the blank thumbnail the video will work. But it is far from ideal as it doesn’t look like their is any content, so the user may just ignore it.

The thing is, when I look at the embed settings of these compared to previous video posts through Vimeo, they are the exact same.

So I’ve had to embed through YouTube (and the thumbnail shows up) but I’d much rather do it through Vimeo.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Hi @Scratch_Garden

These forums are geared towards assisting developers using the Patreon API or integrations. This question about posts would be better answered by our Community Happiness team which can be reached at

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OK, thank you I will try there.

I am also experiencing this issue regardless of whether I upload through Patreon to Vimeo or upload to Vimeo first and then add the link. The thumbnail in Patreon is an off-white card with a play button. Clicking somewhere on the “thumbnail” causes the Vimeo thumbnail to appear, but as Scratch_Garden said, this is less than ideal. And yes, I looked in the FAQ and tried everything suggested. No luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi! Patreon creator here not support tech :sweat_smile:
I have been having a similar issue all month, however, my thumbnail comes up with multi-coloured bars like at the end of a VHS tape.
Didn’t matter whether I uploaded on Patreon or linked from Vimeo either. I also tried editing the thumbnail in Vimeos settings.

After 13 days and no absolutely zero help from Patreon support (he just kept telling me I need to pay for Vimeo which I already do). I have discovered that if I upload the video on Patreon, save it as a draft, go back into drafts, refresh, then post it, the thumbnail appears as its suppose on my page.

I hope you’re no longer having this issue and if you are I hope this works for you! I spent hours and hours trying to figure it out and youre the only person Ive found that has recently experienced the same issue.