Wordpress, Vimeo and Patreon

I have uploaded a video two videos to Vimeo, and then embedded them into 2 separate posts on Patreon. One is locked for patreon members, the other one is not.

I have tried to import both into wordpress using the patreon plugin, being imported as a ‘post’ however only the title is imported. No video embed is transferred across for either post.

Are you not able to import over vimeo embeds?

Vimeo video import was tested to work. There may have been quirks with the patron only one, but the normal video should have worked as embed. What happens when you delete the public post and re-import the posts from Vimeo via manual import?

thank you, i have now done it this way and it is showing. However saying that to play your video change its privacy settings.
the options in vimeo i have are (under who can watch your videos):

  • anyone
  • only me
  • only people i follow
  • only peope i choose
  • people with password
  • people with private link
  • hide from vimeo.com

i have tried both hide from vimeo.com and then those with private link but still cannot view it.

We dont have control over what Vimeo will do when its videos are embedded on the site unfortunately. You need to experiment with it and see. Contacting Vimeo support may be also an idea.

Update on this:

For Vimeo imported videos to work at your WP site, you must set your WP site’s domain as allowed in embeddable domains list in video’s privacy settings. I believe you should be able to do that for your Vimeo account to allow all videos at once.

If you set it so, then the video is viewable at your site.