Embed Code Conundrum

Hello! New to Patreon, and a lot of this type of technology. Trying to find out if I can use embed code for my regular video postings…and if so, how? It’s clear in the section where you upload your ABOUT video…as the menu is above the text box…but I don’t see that available for regular posts. Thanks!!!

Hey @unfoldthesoul,

Nick here from the Patreon platform team, hope your day is going well.

Making a post uses a different editor than the settings pages. We partner with Embed.ly for embedding in posts meaning you’re only able to embed something that Embed.ly supports.

If you continue to run into issues with this I’d recommend reaching out to the Patreon Community Happiness team by submitting a note at Patreon.com/faq. This forum is more geared towards developer support rather than general product support right now.

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Nick, thanks so much and thanks for your patience…as I am SOOO NEWWWW to this technology. I will submit a note at the page you recommend. I’ve read the sentence about Embed.ly 500 times, but don’t know what it means in english :-). I guess I’m asking this…

If I open an embed.ly acct to use with my current vimeo account, will that give me access to that different editor?



Hey @unfoldthesoul,

Not a problem and happy to help out. Creating an embed.ly account won’t give you access to the new editor but having a Vimeo account you’ll be able to make and manage your videos in a much more granular way before embedding them on Patreon.

All Embed.ly does is power how posts work on Patreon. If it’s something listed as supported by Embed.ly you should be able to embed it in the proper post type on Patreon.

As far as any other questions go, definitely send them over to the Community Happiness team, they may be a bit better equipped to help out!