How can I get an external video player / video platform supported in video posts?

Hey all. I’m the creator of Annotated, a video platform that allows for the creation of annotated YouTube videos.

I’m wondering what steps a video platform needs to take to become supported on Patreon. First, when a video on Annotated is pasted into the video post URL field, how does Patreon pull the video in? I’m assuming it loads the content via an iframe. What does it take for a site to be supported?

Second, can Patreon lookup theembedded video URL when regular video URL is pasted? For example, a video link on Annotated looks like:

And the iframe embeddable URL for this video is:

My second question is — what does it take for Patreon to support this kind of logic.

Thanks in advance,


Here is a screenshot for an additional reference: