Patreon Data Beginner

hi all, I am already on Patreon selling video game content. I would like to better understand how to extract pledge vs no pledge and traffic data out of my page. Is this something I can do through the API or do I have to involve integrations like GA or Mixpanel?
If I can use the API can someone help me get started please? I have intermediate Python skills.

Pledge data of your campaign can be acquired through the api. Traffic data cant be. should help you get started. Only use v2 clients, v2 calls and v2 endpoints with v2 tokens.

hi thanks, I am getting started with both the API and the GA. I just started a new GA page and added my measurement ID on my page. But my data is still not connecting properly. After inserting my measurement ID what should I do?

There isnt any way to get the GA or Patreon page statistics through the api. For using GA, you should refer to the general GA guides on the internet.

hi Codebard and many thanks for this response. I have now connected with the api to get top line data (except traffic, right). I have inputted my GA measurement ID on my page but my GA is not pulling data properly? IS there another step that is not mentioned here? Do I have to put in a Google Tag id on the HTML or something?

So far I have done this below.,account%20with%20your%20Patreon%20page.