Patreon Free Trial Subscription API

Hello, Im facing with issue about free trial subscription,

  1. question, how to I get info when trial period ends, because my subscription flow in Nodejs project depend on subscription end data, which is next_charge_date in normal flow, in webhook im reciving pledge_relationship_start and Im manually add 7 days to it,
  attributes: {
    campaign_lifetime_support_cents: 0,
    currently_entitled_amount_cents: 500,
    email: '',
    full_name: 'xxxxxxx',
    is_follower: false,
    is_free_trial: true,
    last_charge_date: null,
    last_charge_status: null,
    lifetime_support_cents: 0,
    next_charge_date: null,
    note: '',
    patron_status: 'active_patron',
    pledge_cadence: null,
    pledge_relationship_start: '2023-11-19T16:32:51.000+00:00',
    will_pay_amount_cents: 0
  id: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  relationships: {
    address: { data: null },
    campaign: { data: [Object], links: [Object] },
    currently_entitled_tiers: { data: [Array] },
    user: { data: [Object], links: [Object] }
  type: 'member'

how to get same data in${campaignId}/members

its return data wihtout any inforramtion when this trial ends

    attributes: {
      currently_entitled_amount_cents: 100,
      full_name: 'xxxxxxxxx',
      is_follower: false,
      last_charge_date: null,
      last_charge_status: null,
      lifetime_support_cents: 0,
      patron_status: 'active_patron'
    id: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
    relationships: { address: [Object], currently_entitled_tiers: [Object] },
    type: 'member'
  1. next questinon, why Im not reicieve any webhooks, or any field in check subscription endpoint which indicate that user canceled free trial, even in my personal profile im getting this info, that user canceled his trial or subscription
    and how do I get this info???

Try the is_free_trial field. It should tell you whether a user is free trial or not.

Webhooks may not trigger on free trial expiration as it is not an act taken by the user or something that happens with actually charging the user.

but I only receive that fileld in webhook, in request with info about mamber we dont have it, how do I check it in other way?
why in site at member page I have a lot more info about my subscribers, if they trial or not, if its canceled, when started, etc…
In API we dont have such information

So is_free_trial field is not coming in with webhooks?

It comming with webhook, but do not comming on member info endpoint, how do I know its still on trial, or canceled it?

Have you specifically requested the is_free_trial field when getting the member resource?

I requested, and recived it now, there are no info about this in your docs(
but it still doesnt give me information about is free trial is canceled or no, how do I check it???
I investigate that this field pledge_relationship_end give some info about it, but I recive 400 error when adding it to requested fields

help me pls mate, Im facing issues with that, I need to know when free trial is canceled, how I can check it? how to get pledge_relationship_end from api?

If the user is a free trial user, this field should be true. If not, false.

But it still free trial even if it canceled the subscription, instantly, and have free trial days
I need to know it was canceled or no

A free trial user would be qualifying as a patron until the end of the free trial period. Like how it works for normal patronage. He would get all the benefits as a free trial patron at until the end of the free trial period and therefore you also should be giving the patron the benefits for that tier at your app until the end of that period.

But its my application, and I want to decide they should have this benefits or not, why you doesnt give this oportuinity?
Why should I give paid feture to members that subscribed and instantly unsubscribed from my patreon, and they can create as many account as its possible.

You can always decide what benefit to release to someone at your app with whatever logic you see fit. I gave the example of the best practice. Since patrons can access the benefits you gave them at, they would also expect the same at your app. And if they cannot, they may think that it doesnt work or there is something wrong and decide to unsubscribe if they were patrons or not become your patrons if they were your free members.

Your app should definitely not give the free members what the paid members are entitled to. If it was doing so up until now, then its likely that you didnt implement logic to check for the membership status at your app. In that case, you can do so by using the info that was provided.