Patreon-js support for v2 API

I’m using in my nodeJS based app and I just discovered it doesn’t support V2 endpoints. Can you shed some lights on the plans with this official client? It seems like a few simple modifications (option to set BASE_PATH and some kind of list of scopes) would be sufficient to get it up to date. Ideally it could be rewritten in typescript also :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I would also add that the readme should be updated to say it only supports V1 at the moment (you might even label it deprecated). People might invest time in setting up using the package, and then realize they don’t want to use it after all.

Wow, so all this time I’ve been trying to figure out why my requests don’t work is because I switched to V2 and it says nowhere in the patreon-js docs that it only works for V1.
Using the Patreon API has been a pretty bad experience so far, the different versions make the docs confusing.


I think a note should be added that the library is deprecated. I’ve created a small pull request.

Finding this thread as I am discovering the same thing. I spent days working with this module, and thought some of the errors were me. NOPE! Big oof.

Big oof from me too :slightly_frowning_face:, Patreon should definetly help us here…

Hey if anyone needs a library, with typescript support, I just wrote one.
Feedback and issues welcome.

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Yeah honestly this is embarrassing on your end Patreon. What a mess. Just wasted an entire evening on this.