Patreon Shop, are these payments supported?

Hello, sorry for the multiple threads, but I figure it’s better to keep topics separate so others can find them easier in future.

My question today relates to the (very) new “Shop” feature on Patreon, and the ability to sell products directly through the platform.

I wanted to check to see whether the purchase of these products would automatically be supported by this plugin, or will it require an update to access shop purchase history for connected users?

We just want to include any shop purchases in with the “lifetime_support_cents” value for our use case, but I expect that won’t be enough for some other users of the plugin.

Mostly I’m interested in whether or not we need to make any changes now. Our current expectation is that we’ll have to update Wordpress manually with a new WooCommerce order of an equal amount and attribute it to the Wordpress user when they purchase the product on Patreon. This works temporarily, but an automated solution would be very appreciated.

Thanks again

The public api does not support shop features yet, albeit it is planned. When its available, it may be possible to use it with the plugin.