Patreon V2 resource endpoint problem

I just managed to implement the OAuth2patron login, and now try to use the ApiV2 resource endpoints.

According toApi V2 example, after my patron is authorized using OAuth2 and my code receives the access token,
this call:
should return these fields:
data": {
“attributes”: {
“email”: “”,
“full_name”: “Platform Team”
}, …etc…

This is not what happens.
I get 9 fields under the {attributes} section, but email is NOT one of them.
I also need to somehow learn if the logged-in patron is my CURRENT patron.
So, to summarize:
What specific Api call should I make to get email and the current patronage status of the patron that just logged in? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I read all of the documentation, but it’s ambiguous and I cannot determine the precise URL and it’s parameters I should use.

Email requires having the email scope from identity. Then specifically requesting it. Check out how the WordPress plugin requests that info:

Thank you.
Another question: according to documentation:

APIv2 is still in beta, and while the scopes and endpoints are stable, the specific properties returned on the resources may change.

Are there going to be any code-breaking changes to V2? (and yes, renaming properties returned from API is a code-breaking change)
Should I use v1 instead?

No, definitely use v2. It is stable enough. We try to avoid any backwards incompatible pages as much as we can.