APIv2 resource endpoint not returning correct results

I’ve posted this before and could never get a resolution. What I’m trying to do is simply get a list of current pledges that includes email and what I get back does not match what is in the relationship manager on the patreon website. In my case only 5 pledges show up despite there being 9 active in the relationship manager.

I’m using the following resource endpoint:
GET /api/oauth2/v2/campaigns/{campaign_id}/members

My query looks like this:

    let options = {
      "host": "www.patreon.com",
      "port": 443,
      "path": encodeURI("/api/oauth2/v2/campaigns/" + server.patreon_campaign + "/members?include=currently_entitled_tiers&fields[member]=email,note,currently_entitled_amount_cents"),
      "method": "GET",
      "headers": { "authorization": "Bearer " + server.patreon_token }

    https.get(options, function (res) {

      let data = "";
      res.on("data", function (d) {
        data += d;

      res.on("end", function () {

Pretty simple and straight forward, but this has never worked properly. I’ve had to resort to daily exports of the relationship manager to CSV to fulfill my patrons. If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it. Probably one stupid thing missing or something.

Figured out the issue. Had to pay attention to the additional link reference for a continuation of the data via another request. All good now!

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