Patronizer - Quick Patron Credits Generation


Create more. Wait less. Stop wasting time trying to compile lists of your patrons for your campaign rewards… let Patronizer do it instead! Patronizer quickly and easily generates lists of patrons and lets you import them directly into After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more! Or, export to txt, csv, or json!
Web Portal

  • Pull list of current pledges
  • Group by reward level
  • Sort alphabetically, by date created, lifetime pledge, etc.
  • Filter out declined pledges
  • Import directly into Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for easy credit generation
  • Web portal for those without Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Export patron names to .txt, .csv, or .json for easy use elsewhere

I started this way back when a friend was complaining about having to manually pull the names of their patrons from the csv. I’d been creating extensions for After Effects for a while, and thought it’d be a fun project to create something that could do that a bit faster. And this is what I wound up with. You can check out the web version here or install the extension for Creative Cloud from the Adobe Add-on shop.

Got some pretty cool new features I’m working on for it, based on feedback from some of the users. Would love to get some feedback from other developers!

Here’s one of our users’ credit sequence that they generated using Patronizer!

Screenshots of it in action (After Effects, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator):

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Great example video - I really like that you can do anything the editing permits with the credits once imported - that creator did great picture in picture there.

Do you have a sense if your creators are all video-first creators or those that diversify and youtube/etc is just one of their outlets? Is it mostly After Effects or evenly distributed across the Adobe Suite?

This is awesome!

I’ve seen a bunch of creators use the patron’s profile picture instead of their names, is there planned support for that? Here’s an example:

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So far, most of the creators have been interested in making video content. After Effects and Photoshop have been the two extensions most have asked after, although we have one creator who has been exporting to .txt and importing into Sony Vegas to create his credits.

And that is indeed something I’m working on! The tricky part is importing the images in such a way that things are easily modifiable once they’ve been imported. Creators with a lot of patrons could run into some real trouble suddenly having hundreds of new layers. Plus they’ll need some help with the layout and animating of those layers.

Also working on things like templates that auto fill with patrons, the ability to create said templates, and more. :slight_smile:

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Since it’s that time of the month, here’s a neat little feature I built into Patronizer, since declined_since could be wonky around this time.


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Love that! Good thinking.

And can’t say too much but we hope this will not be necessary in the future… for now this is a great solution. Would you want me to connect you with someone on our end that can help inform that logic?

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Yes, please!

In the meantime, I’ve been considering letting the Creator set a preference of not listing pledges as declined until they have been declined for X amount of days.

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Next update of Patronizer just went into Beta. Added a bunch of neat filtering features for creators. :smiley:

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