Plugin Not Optimized

Plugin Takes down the server.

Not sure as to why. It could be the HTTP API Call on every pageload.

This would mean the plugin is not optimized for large sites with many users and dynamic content.

It is unfortunate.

If your site has many images or its large (or without caching) and you are on a low end web host or your shared host’s server is overcrowded, you may experience some speed issues. Especially if you are using image/file locking feature.

Also it is possible for your host’s infrastructure or particular plugins you have to cause such issues. We have a few cases in that direction that can be read from the topics here in this forum. If your infrastructure is not run off the mill LAMP, its nginx, you may have to tune some things.

I’ll look into it some more. Of there are any issues, I’ll let come vack and ask. Thank you for your time.


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