Redirect URI for mobile app OAuth

I am developing a mobile app (for both Android and IOs) that needs to determine whether the user is a Patreon’s patron.
I have read Patreon’s OAuth API Refererence, and generated Patreon’s keys for my app.
One thing I don’t understand is what the ‘redirect_uri’ should I specify.
Again, I don’t run a website, just a mobile app on a mobile device.
My app can open the browser where user can login with Patreon.
Then I need the browser somehow redirect to inside of my mobile app where I can get the available data about the user, as described in the API Reference.
So, what redirect_uri do I need to specify to do that?
I would appreciate any suggestions.

Is there a specific android-native url that you can use in place of localhost? If so, that could work. Something like this:

Thank you, that seems to be the way to do it.

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Hello again,
I came upon some more problems. They are likely outside Patreon APIs, but perhaps someone knows the solution, so I’ll ask anyway
I am using Firebase dynamic links as the redirect_uri
My dynamic link is
The deep link is
Patreon is invoking the as a redirect_uri,
and is supposed to append some parameters to it, so it looks like
However, all I receive inside my app is the naked uri
There are no parameters attached to it.
Again, I assume Patreon is invoking the redirect_uri, with the parameters added to it.
What is happening here?

There may be another redirect happening somewhere after Patreon redirects to your dynamic link. That should be checked out.