Android Integration

I am trying to integrate the API into an android app so that I can get a list of Patrons to show a supporter list within the app and also to confirm if the user of the app is a patron to provide additional bonuses.

does the Patreon API support the use of a URI to redirect to my app?

are there 3rd party plugins which can help?

I am also interested in getting patreon to work in Android Studio. If possible I’d like to run a subscription model using Patreon. Something like,

Prompt users that want to go add free to become my patreon.
Prompt user to enter the email or Patreon name they signed up with
If user is currently a Patreon do not show ads.

Basically I need a way to fetch a list of emails or other identifying information of active Patreons so all they have to do is enter the email they signed up with in my app to go ad-free. Then each time they open the app check the list of active Patreon emails to make sure they are still subscriped.

If anyone has a method or work around to make this happen please let me know! Thank you.

Redirections inside your app is always possible The implementations on the web and on mobile are not too different in much respects - so you can use existing widely used web apps and their logic as examples.

The official WP plugin above has a lot of logic in the api and oauth classes which you can just copy for your app.Additionally, if you would like to go that far, it also has a setup wizard which allows creation of oAuth clients for connecting individual installations to users’ own creator account at Patreon. But you seem to be interested in offering benefits to your patrons only so your case would be simpler.

I made a thread with a collection of interesting topics which different types of applications were discussed - including offline apps. You can check those threads to get some insight.