Interesting topics for different app ideas and implementations using Patreon API

Collected here are various threads with good insight and discussion on how to do things like connecting offline apps to Patreon API, or allowing users to use their own creator tokens to connect a distributed offline/online software to Patreon. You can use some of these ideas in your integrations

And additionally, you can always use the WordPress plugin as an example to copy various bits of logic - its oauth and api classes have fleshed out implementations of the needed login/authorization functions and api connection. Its setup wizard (mainly in Patreon_Wordpress class and Patreon_Routing class) uses the client creator endpoint at Patreon api, which allows a non-technical user to just connect an app to Patreon by creating a client in two clicks - without filling out any details for an app and so on. That may be useful for those of you who distribute online/offline software which allow creators to integrate 3rd party apps with their Patreon account to offer patron benefits or other features.