Implementing OAuth within my game itself

So currently, my goal is to implement a check to make sure someone is pledged from within my game. Reason being (obviously), people pledge to me, download my game, then refund. I read up on OAuth, but my only problem is I wouldn’t know how to implement that from within an exe file (godot game engine). Because from what I read, it was originally made to be used with a website, but how would I do the same thing, but from within my game? (also I have no experience with this sort of thing, all my experience is in basic game design)

For that particular game engine you would need to consult with their support or community, but if it works with a website, then you can implement a normal web oAuth login at an ‘account’ website you put up for your game, have your users login via there, and then check their login validity from within your game by connecting to internet.

There are other topics which revolve around the same concept - you can get some logic examples from them:

Gotcha, I’ll look in to that. Thanks for the help!

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