Need some help integrating to a Godot game

I’m making a game with the Godot game engine and I’d like to list my supporters dynamically to avoid doing it manually. They should be sorted by pledge tier so I could color code them. I’ll need to get their name, which tier they pledged, and the names of those not pledged to a tier. Godot has an HTTP function documented here and SSL here. Do I need SSL and which auth key would be best. The game will be in the hands of players so I need a secure way to do this. I don’t have a web server to process requests nor home internet. How do I get an auth or api key without the required websites for privacy/ect. For those interested, Godot’s Gdscript is similar to python. I probably just need the correct, secure, api auth/key and maybe info on how to setup ssl. I can navigate JSON files pretty well since I use dictionaries for almost everything.