[Resolved] Refreshing token returns 200 (OK), invalidates tokens but returns empty response

Hey there,

I’m trying to refresh my creator access token via a POST to the /api/oauth2/token endpoint like so:

I did it once, while my token was expired, and I got the new token back:

{"access_token": "...", "expires_in": ..., "token_type": "...", "scope": "...", "refresh_token": "...", "version": "..."}

After implementing the code to handle the response and use the new tokens, I tried to refresh my token again (yes I’m using the new access token and new refresh token). The API returns a 200 (OK) and invalidates the tokens I’ve supplied, however the response is empty - it does not return the json with the new OAuth tokens. If I hop over to the portal and check the client app, it has generated new tokens that are indeed valid. Refreshing tokens now always returns an empty response with 200 (OK) status code and generates new tokens on the website.

Is this intended behavior? Or an API bug? I haven’t found any information regarding it.

This may be a bug on the api side or a connectivity issue. You can try replicating this situation and see if this happens again and post it here.

After some further digging, I have to regretfully say that the behavior was of my own doing and that the API works as expected. :pray:

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