Sandbox testing environment

Is there a testing environment so I can test my theoretical Patreon integration is working? I don’t have any Patreons yet, so it would be difficult, if not impossible, to positively assert any such integration is working correctly without some sort of test environment to work against.

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Great question. As you can imagine, many developers [understandably] share this pain. On our end it will unfortunately be a bit of an infrastructure journey before we can make a real sandbox happen.

In the short term, the not-ideal answer I can give is to

  1. Use two (or more) accounts and pledge to yourself
  2. Set the campaign to “per post” so the fake patrons don’t actually get charged

Not the best answer - take solace in that you’re not the only one with the pains.


This should do for now so long as:

  1. There’s no risk of being charged and losing money.
  2. I do not need to complete any forms of verification including any legal documents in order to accept the (fake) pledge(s).

As long as you don’t post a ‘paid post,’ no charges should take place.

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