What have been your testing environment solutions for switching tiers?

In order to test integration with my website, I have a staging environment and have to use my live Patreon creator account by subscribing as a separate Patreon user in free trial mode since Patreon has no test API.

This has got me pretty far. Users can sign in with Patreon and connect with Patreon, etc. I’ve done like 99% of the integration, however there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to test a behavior, for example, when a member switches tiers.

In free trial mode, it seems like there’s no way for the member to switch their tier, so I can’t test what the API and my website does in that scenario (whether the change is immediately reflected in the API, or if it’s cached, or if I need to do other things to compensate).

How do other developers deal with this? Do you just subscribe to yourself for $1 for a month at a time? Or subscribe at $1 and then switch tiers to $2 to see what happens?

I have done exactly what you describe. Created another patreon user and subscribed to myself. Would be nice to learn about other ways to test.
Good luck and lots of patrons for your project!

Gotcha. It’s such a pain to not have any sort of testing without having to charge yourself!

Did you ever test switching between tiers? That’s the only thing I need to test.