Test/Dummy User?

I’m trying to reproduce issues my patrons have, and don’t know of anyway to do that, without literally becoming a patron of my own account. This seems like a ridiculous workaround. Shouldn’t my creator account be able to login as a patron to test things?

Ideally we’d be able to set our user as different tiers to confirm functionality is working properly.

Am I missing something? Does this exist already? If not, what are others doing to test the plugin?

If you just create a new Patreon account with a different email, you can use that to test out your site as a patron and even pledge to yourself with the same Paypal account and so on.

Pledging to yourself as a creator is not possible within Patreon i believe, and even if it was, it would create various problems WordPress-side.

Wouldn’t that mean you’d have to pay for the tier you’d select with the new account? That seems a bit weird to me.
I can imagine the OP is looking for a way to test certain without becoming a paying patron to his/her own account with a second account.

Yes this is exactly what I’m looking for. It’s a but clown shoes to have to create a real user on Patreon to test/debug something. Having an option to create a new dummy user, or give permissions to the creator account to act like a certain tier seems like step one in testing/debugging this plugin.

Such a dummy users would bring in a lot of complications, and permissions would be just one part of it. And it would require changes on Patreon side more than the plugin side.

So unfortunately there is no current way to do that without pledging to yourself with a different account.