Testing OAuth login without real patrons

I am currently implementing the “Login with Patreon” OAuth functionality in my mobile (Flutter-based) app.
I wonder if I need to have real Patreon patron(s) in order to test the OAuth Login properly, or is there another way to test it?

You can create a new account with a different email, but the same payment info and use that account as a patron account to do tests. You can create $1 tiers etc in your creator account, then subscribe to it with your patron account via your app to do live tests.

Yes, that would work.
As a follow-up question though - the above solution requires that I launch my Patreon project live, doesn’t it?
Is there a way to test without going live?

Yes the above requires launching your Patreon page. Currently there isnt a way to test it without going live.

OK, will do, thank you for your help!

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