Sending patrons messages and modifying by tier


Is there a way to message a creator’s patrons currently?

I want to send each patron a unique link and modify what that unique link points to based on tier.

This would be generally useful for the developer community to be able to offer features in our applications as rewards. Additionally we would be able to easily distribute these using patreon’s messaging system for creators. This would allow for a seamless experience where only the creator would need to sign up on our site and the patrons would not need to log in to their patreon on our site, they just need to click on the unique link.

As I understand it, currently we can access a creator’s list of patrons and their emails and tiers without making each patron auth with us (only need the creator). Is that correct?

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Using the creator token you can access the pledges endpoint to retrieve the list of patrons and their emails. The tiers will be on the reward relationship.

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