Sign in Via Google BROKEN?!?

Hi team,

I am unable to sign in via Google into Patreon.

I’ve attempted to sign in via Google Chrome and Firefox using two completely separate accounts and either of them works.

I press the “Sign in via Google” button, I am asked to log into google, I sign in there, then the window closes and nothing happens on Patreon. After that, I press the sign in button again, the window pops up, disappears and nothing.

I’ve been able to reproduce this for at least 5 minutes with different browsers and different Google accounts.

There are no error messages.

Please advise.

Hey @Ash47, thanks for the report. I’ve passed this to our team but for general issues and bugs like this, please can you write directly to our support team? They’re the best team equipped to handle issues like this and know the latest about what the status of them are. We really appreciate it! Every report is vital to understand the impact of such situations and our support team is the best place to go. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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