"Connect Patreon account" not working when using Google Chrome?

I have 2 separate users notifying me that when trying to connect their Joomla account to their Patreon account via Google Chrome (both on android and on PC) the screen freezes after clicking the “allow” button and nothing happens.

When using Firefox instead, the “allow” button works and the connection goes through.

Anyone else has noticed similar issue with Google Chrome?

What these users do is as follow:

  • login to wordpress with email + password
  • click the “connect your patreon” button
  • click the “allow” button in the next screen

Thanks for any input on this!

Likely a Joomla thing? Nobody else is reporting anything like this in any other browser, device, integration combo. Or maybe something related to your site.

I am not on Joomla, I use Wordpress.

What people report to me is that when they are redirected on Patreon where they have to click the “Allow” button (to allow the Patreon API access ot my site)
Is it not possible to click the button, like nothing happen when they click it.

Is it possible that this has something to do with the Patreon API instead?

my redirect URL in the API settings is this

At the moment nobody is reporting anything like this. At the point the user clicks ‘Allow’, they are redirected back to your site. If that redirect is not finalizing, something at your infra, host, or site may be blocking those redirects.