Integrating Patreon to my Wordpress

I’ve been looking for assistance in connecting my Patreon Acct to my Wordpress via plugin. When I use the setup wizard tells me that the plugin is not connecting. Can someone please help me.

I had the same problem, and it resulted to be due to a “whitelist” installed on my host’s server: you should find (under “setting”) a page called “server to server” and disable the restrictions… that worked for us.

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What is the exact issue you are experiencing when trying to connect your site? Is there any error message?

When I’m trying to connect Patreon Plugin to my Wordpress post I get a prompt. This chat will not let me send you a screen shot. Can we further converse via email???

I’ve looked very hard to find a tutorial of how to use the plugin online. Is there a help center / further instructions of how to use this feature in Wordpress? I’m a bit overwhelmed and just need some assistance. Please let me know if further screenshots or info is required.


There is a simple text tutorial here:

You can email your screenshot to