Unable to get the go ahead from Patreon

I’m trying to connect my WordPress blog with my Patreon page but the “connection wizard” keep failing on “Create an OAuth client for your campaign” and resending me to the blog’s dashboard with this message:

We weren’t able to get the go ahead from Patreon while attempting to connect your site. Please wait a minute and try again. If this situation persists, contact support.

Can you help me? I’ve tried around 20 times, made a manual attempt generating both the WebHook and the Client and browsed the FAQ, opened the plugin’s “health check” but I couldn’t find anything but a message saying “Your Patreon integration health is great!”… nevertheless the error log is filled with “cURL error 56: Received HTTP code 403 from proxy after CONNECT”.

My Patreon is: https://patreon.com/ciullocorporation
My WordPress is: https://ccvip.altervista.org/

Thank you again,

You shouldnt manually create any webhooks for this plugin, it would be better to delete them.

Are you connecting this site to your creator account while you are logged into your creator account at Patreon?

Yes, it is required by the connection wizard.

I’ve already deleted it, also tried removing and re-installing the plugin, clearing cache and whatever…

This signifies that the authorization code required from Patreon is not provided by Patreon.

Are there any plugins which modify request variables, do redirects at your site? Are there any security plugins?

Not that I know…

The only plugins I got are YoastSEO and Askimet but this last one is still disabled.

Where are you hosted?

Altervista => https://it.altervista.org/

Solved, an user at Altervista suggested me it was a “whitelist” matter… thank you.

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Great to hear you solved it. That seems to be a weird whitelist since it was filtering a request var. It may have been mod_rewrite or something similar.