[SOLVED] Trying to get identity information using APIv2 endpoints throws exceptions

Hello, I am trying to update to V2 api and currently trying to work out the new format for getting user information.

I am calling

as detailed in the documentation

but I just get the following error.

Error trying to decode a non urlencoded string. Found invalid characters: {’]’, ‘[’} in the string: ‘fields[user]=about,created,email,first_name,full_name,image_url,last_name,social_connections,thumb_url,url,vanity’. Please ensure the request/response body is x-www-form-urlencoded.

What am i supposed to be replacing the [] with to get this to work? or is there a header that i am missing so this is understood

You need to URL encode the square brackets. Whichever language you are using should allow that. in PHP it is urlencode(’[user]’).



What is the PHP code you are using to call the URL, is it CURL? Im been trying for a while and can’t figure it out :frowning_face: