Sudden 403 on Campaign Endpoint

We are using the V1 API campaign endpoint to receive data to figure out who pledged.
A few days ago we started receiving reports from our Patrons that our system is no longer processing data.

After investigating the issue it seems we are receiving a 403 Forbidden status when calling this endpoint. Everything has been working reliably for years and we didn’t make changes to our code base which makes me believe something changed on the Patreon end. Other endpoints remain to work just fine.

Is there anyone from the Patreon technical team on this forum that could investigate?
Patreon’s Support Team refuses to help us :frowning:

Api v1 usage is not supported and its highly discouraged. What happens when you try to get your members from a v2 campaigns endpoint with v2 client, token and a v2 call?

Patreon’s Developer Team seems to have addressed the issue.
Just checked our system and its working again.

Developers at Patreon, if you are reading this.
Thank you so much for looking into this!

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