Various questions about the api v2

Hi, I’m thinking about building something with the Patreon api.
I have some questions I’m not finding an answer on the documentation:

  1. Is there a pagination limit on the number of records that can be returned in a single request?
  2. Are only the main resources be paginated, or the included resources as well?
  3. How many campaigns can have a user? The identity api allows to include a campaign, and returns a single campaign, but the campaigns endpoint returns an array. Are multiple campaigns associated to a user to be expected?
  4. How does it work in the premium plan with the teams accounts? Will they get associated the campaign as well? And thus having the ability of having multiple ones associated?
  5. Is it expected that some fields are not returned? I was playing around and I saw that the show_earnings isn’t returned.
  6. I’m also not getting goals even though the campaign has them and I’m including them in the request (I have the access token with all scopes). What could it be?
  7. What’s the rate limit of api requests?
  8. How can the name of the Patreon page be accessed from the api? I’m requesting all campaign fields, but I don’t see the value of the page name

Thank you!

1 - min is 20, max should be up to 200. Im not sure about the later.
2 - should be.
3 - a creator can theoretically have more than one campaign, but i dont think it is implemented at Patreon at the moment.
4 - Teams should not be related to calling or using the api. The creator’s own account with its access token should be able to access and use the api
5 - Some fields may not be implemented indeed. Also you must use a v2 client, call v2 endpoints and use v2 calls to get most out of the api.
6 - Is it a v2 client calling v2 endpoint with a v2 call/
7 - I dont know a set api rate limit at this point. It may be applied on a case by case basis or by disabling the tokens of abusers.
8 - Which call string are you using?

Who knows if they’ll ever change that :man_shrugging:

I wonder what happens if a team member connects their Patreon account, will the campaigns API return the associated campaign for which they’re not owners? :thinking:

That’s crazy, given that it’s on the documentation but a GET to /api/oauth2/v2/campaigns?fields[campaign]=show_earnings won’t include that :scream: :man_facepalming:

Yes, I’m calling directly the v2 endpoint, I’m not using any specific client (just some custom code). Including goals and requesting some of its fields in fields[goal]. It’s just for goals, I can get other included resources (like tiers)

I hope they’d send an email before doing that :roll_eyes:

I’m requesting /api/oauth2/v2/campaigns with a fields[campaign] with all fields that are on the campaign v2 documentation page: Which also doesn’t have any name or similar fields, so I’m wondering how to get that information :thinking:

8 - creation_name include wont do?

Nope, that’s the name of the things you are creating: vanity is creating creation_name, not the name of the page, and it’s not even vanity as I haven’t set it on my test creator account. It’s explicitly called Page name on Patreon, but I don’t see any field for it :sob:

Its possible that the api is not returning that field at this moment then…

It’d be nice if anyone from Patreon could confirm/answer to all the above and maybe share if the api v2 is still developed or not.