Suggestion for webhooks: fire pledge:update when declined_since property changes

Hey, this would be an absolute fantastic feature and the only thing that is missing personally to handle pretty much everything through webhooks on my backend. Currently the pledge:update doesn’t fire when a Patreon declines the payment, even after months! Another way would be to fire pledge:delete after a period of time.
In my specific case I would need to request the API only once after registering on my web app if that would be implemented.

It’s a bit weird that Patrons wont get deleted after months of not paying. Or maybe I overlooked something regarding webhooks and there is a solution?

tl;dr: fire pledge:delete after a period of time of declined payments or EVEN BETTER: fire pledge:update every time declined_since changes.

Hey there, if you’re using member webhooks, you should get an update when member.last_charge_status changes. In general, we are beginning to deprecate the pledges webhooks in favor of the members webhooks.

Thats nice, but could you please update the docs and provide sample data as you did for v1 webhooks (see

Would be really helpfull when implementing an endpoint for the new webhooks.
Thanks in advance.