Two Factor Authentication problem

Hi, I’m stuck at the two factor authentication on my account. I’ve tried messaging the people at Patreon to see if they could help out with the problem (before I found out there was this to help, I feel blinder than a bat for not knowing about it.) Since I don’t have enough money to buy a phone yet, I used this website called “” and I thought it was cool except that’s where the problem comes in. I don’t use it much other than get notifications about sales at walmart or a store, apparently they reset the phone number after 30 days and change it to a new one. Is there anyway I can fix it?


This forum is the venue for people who are using the Patreon developer platform to build third-party Patreon Apps to discuss working with the platform, and it’s a forum for people who are using those apps (such as the Wordpress plugin) to seek support from the developers.

This forum is not the correct venue for Patreon users to seek support with Patreon itself. Most people on this forum, like myself, are not associated with Patreon, we’re just developers using the Patreon platform. Unfortunately, nobody on this forum can help with creating, managing or pledging to a campaign.

Please visit the Patreon Help Center which can be found by clicking “Help Center & FAQs” in the footer of any page, from there you can read FAQ questions and send an email to the Patreon Customer Happiness team who will be able to provide you with the support you need :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried to contact help from Patreon from both emails they have, but I have waited for almost 3 months for help and no one has helped me with my problem. I don’t know where to turn to and I saw that this is not the place for support, but I have no where else to turn to for help, I don’t know where to get any type of help, and don’t get me wrong I have tried to look up how to get back into it when my phone number changed. This was my last resort, I’m sorry for posting my forum onto here for a problem, I am desperate for help at this point.

All you can do is submit a ticket and wait for their response. It isn’t something the developers here could do, instead, it’s the support service that will disable the 2Factor from your account after they verify it’s really your account. Just make another account or something. And if you are getting charged for the last three months, then I recommend you contact the Creators you pledged to and tell them to block you so you can pledge to them again through a new account. And, never, ever, use services like text now unless you are paying for them. Your best bet is on creating a new account. There’s no helping it. You can try contacting there facebook page, but I doubt they will give any useful answer.