V2 webhook created by the API not firing

I created a webhook via postman with the endpoint provided in the documentation.
POST https://www.patreon.com/api/oauth2/v2/webhooks

“data”: {
“type”: “webhook”,
“attributes”: {
“triggers”: [“members:create”, “members:update”, “members:delete”, “members:pledge:create”, “members:pledge:update”, “members:pledge:delete”, “posts:publish”, “posts:update”, “posts:delete”],
“uri”: “https://enq62dm6zh9ih.x.pipedream.net
“relationships”: {
“campaign”: {
“data”: {“type”: “campaign”, “id”: “xxxxx”}

The webhook was created successfully, but I could not get it to trigger. I looked on the portal and noticed that my webhook was not showing in the client webhooks section. I created one there and it worked fine.

The calls made by the portal are not to the same endpoints in the API documentation.

If I am creating webhooks programatically, should I not be using the v2 API? I am a bit confused by this behaviour.

Creating webhooks via code should work. But those webhooks are not listed in the portal, correct.

Checking how WP plugin handles webhooks may provide pointers:

Okay, is there any reason why the wehbook I have created would not work? I cannot get it to fire:
Client: Postman
GET from https://www.patreon.com/api/oauth2/v2/webhooks
Response Body:
“data”: [
“attributes”: {
“last_attempted_at”: null,
“num_consecutive_times_failed”: 0,
“paused”: false,
“secret”: “xxx”,
“triggers”: [
“uri”: “https://enq62dm6zh9ih.x.pipedream.net/
“id”: “xxxxxx”,
“type”: “webhook”
“meta”: {
“pagination”: {
“total”: 1

I have been testing with posts but I cannot get an events to fire.

If your webhook failed repetitively before, it may have stopped trying to contact your site. It also can happen if your host/app is filtering the Patreon api ips for any reason. So deleting it and creating a new one may work.