Version 1.1.0 not creating new users


I’m considering Patreon for the site I’m currently building, the 1.0.3 version of the plugin worked fine but was very very slow, probably due to my site’s size (thousands of posts), the latest 1.1.0 version is much much quicker, but unfortunately doesn’t create Patreon users as required.

If I use 1.0.3 and ‘login with Patreon’ it creates the user correctly, but takes ages to navigate the site.
If I use 1.1.0 it fails to create the user at all, and hence doesn’t log in.

If I use 1.0.3 it creates the user correctly, I can then upgrade the plugin to 1.1.0 and it will allow me to login as that particular Patreon user and browse the site swiftly, but it will not create any new users.

It appears that with my site 1.0.3 creates all users as necessary, 1.1.0 does not.
'Enable strict oAuth ’ is off.

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Thanks for reporting this Ian. I’ll look into reproducing this.

I wasnt able to reproduce this on a test install. Users are properly created whether they have a verified email (email is imported in that case) or not (email is not imported in that case).

Do you have any plugins that hook to login/register procedure? Theme My Login etc?


No, I’ve also tried disabling all plugins, 1.1.0 still won’t create a new user.
Going back to 1.0.3 creates users again.

Ian, if possible, can you prepare and send me an admin user/pass for your wp installation to the email so i can debug on-site?

If so, please make it with a sufficiently complex password (WP’s auto generation would do), and when we are done with debugging, make sure to delete that admin account you created. Also, please take care not to send any kind of login info to any other forum member or any other persona from outside the forum, but only to the email address i specified above.

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Thanks, email sent with admin login.

Got it, works. Thanks.

I’ll look into this today or tomorrow and let you know what i find. Possibly by tomorrow.

Until then staying with 1.0.3 would be a good solution.

While running 1.1.0, trying directly from login page, i was able to seamlessly login and a user was created for my Patreon account. It also imported the email since i have it verified.

Can you force-clear all cookies for your website and in your browser, and then try logging in with your test user? Or can the user who is experiencing this issue do that?

OK, seeing how you were able to login I created two new test Patreon users, both of them are able to login fine, I can delete them, and the plugin automatically recreates them as it should, so new users seem to be ok.

You could also login and presumably you have had your Patreon account a while, so existing users should also be ok, BUT - the two personal Patreon accounts that I have (my main Patreon creator account, and one I set up for testing) still do not work UNLESS I switch back to 1.0.3 - so far so weird…

Maybe some weird cookie issue somewhere, but then why do they work on 1.0.3 ?
Perhaps something strange at the Patreon end with those accounts for some reason ?

I have tried this in Chrome,Firefox & Edge with cookies cleared, none of those browsers will create an account for those two Patreon accounts…

If it helps I can give you access to the test Patreon account that isn’t working and hopefully you can see this for yourself ? - let me know and I’ll email you the Patreon login details for that faulty test account…

Thanks for your help so far…

I have tried this in Chrome,Firefox & Edge with cookies cleared, none of those browsers will create an account for those two Patreon accounts…

If the issue affects those two particular accounts, thats something interesting indeed.

If it helps I can give you access to the test Patreon account that isn’t working

That may work. I’ll confirm if its ok for me to access your account for debugging and let you know.

Ok, thanks, it’s literally pretty much a blank test account, so there’s nothing much other than an email address in it, so no confidentiality worries, I’ll wait to hear from you.

Thats good. They say its ok as long as you accept any potential risk and responsibility.

Please follow the same procedure like the WP admin login and mail me the info from the earlier address.

Email sent, thanks for your help.

Got it thanks.

Ill be updating the findings here by tomorrow.

Investigating this, i found out that that particular user is an existing user, and is already registered with the relevant Patreon email. So when logging into the site via Patreon without first logging in to WP site as this user, it causes an exception since the plugin cant identify that this user is Patreon linked (it isnt), and then tries to create a user with a new username but with the same email. Which seems to cause an exception in user creation logic.

In any case this is relevant to the issue in the below thread, and a fix will be in the works by tomorrow.

Thanks for looking into this, it was driving me crazy how seemingly only my own Patreon accounts wouldn’t work :slight_smile:

I think we wont be able to allow direct linking of WP accounts which have the same email with a Patreon account if they were not linked before due to security concerns. This could potentially allow some not so serious security issues.

As this issue only happens when there is an existing, unlinked account in WP with the same Patreon email and user is not already logged into WP, it should be solved by first logging into WP before linking the account.

Please try this with your test account now:

  • First, log into the WP account which has the same Patreon email
  • Second, try to log in via Patreon from your site while logged into WP

This sequence is supposed to link your Patreon account to your WP account directly.

Please let us know how it goes.

That sequence seems to have worked, after doing that I can now login directly using ‘Login with Patreon’ only on those two problem accounts and they seem to login ok, I’ll perform some more tests but it looks promising.

One quick unrelated question - in order to test if an actual paying customer gets the right access do I need to sign up (and pay) myself using a test account or is there some sort of test switch that can temporarily be applied to an account ?

If the patron didnt already create an account in your WP site with the same email as his/her Patreon, you wont have this issue.

A message to let patrons know they should log into your site first when that happens is in the works. That would clear the confusion.

So if you want to test, just create a new Patreon account with a new email that you havent used at your WP site, and then try directly logging into your site via Patreon with that user. It should work as normal.

Below is a hotfix which shows a message to a user affected by this issue:

You may try this by deactivating, deleting the existing plugin, and then uploading and activating this one. You will need to have an unlinked WP account which has a matching email with the Patreon user you want to test this with.

Please note that if you have Patron Pro, you shouldnt use this hotfix. It will get a patch in the coming days.