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Hello! I’m close to launching my wordpress website.
Monetization as a paid newsletter. I need integration with Patreon to make it possible to get paid subscribers on a recurring monthly basis.

The issue. Using Wordpress plugin pro is a good solution for me. But for my business model, it is crucial to be able to attract affiliates to grow much faster. I have two options - 1) Clickbank and a membership plugin for Wordpress 2) Patreon and a solution to integrate it with an affiliate marketing platform

I really want to integrate my business with Patreon, because the launching process will be easier & faster, that is why I need your help with an affiliate marketing integration with services like Leaddyno, Jvzoo or similar. I suppose that it’s possible with Zapier, but I don’t know what exact steps to take. Does anyone have a solution for that?

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AffiliateWP offers easy integrations. Have you looked into that?

Basically the general affiliate integration involves setting a cookie to a visitor who came through an affiliate link with the id of that affiliate, and then counting any purchase/subscription that visitor does in a certain time period (say, a month, 2 months etc) as a referral for the affiliate whose link was used.

AffiliateWP should have some easy guides on integrating with any cart. Which, Patreon WordPress is, in a sense.


Thank you for the answer! I’ll contact AffiliateWP’s support, maybe they’ll give me the instruction how to connect my website with payments via Patreon to their service.


Please update this topic with any info you get. Not only this is an interesting integration i would like to look at and it may be relevant to many other users into the future, but also we can help you with potential issues.


I got this answer:
"I’m afraid Patreon is not one of our supported integrations, mainly because I believe the payment process happens on Patreon’s site and not your WordPress website.

AffilieWP works with eCommerce, membership and form plugins that are installed on your website."


I wrote them a second question: “After the payment is finished on Patreon a customer can be redirected to the Thank you page, which can be hosted on my website (or any other url). Thus as a proof that a purchase was made can be 1) the email address of a customer 2) a visiting of a Thank you page on my website. Maybe this can solve the problem of integration your service and Patreon?”

And got this answer: "Yes, if you can redirect then you can use the scripting shortcode workaround we have as an alternative. Here is some information on how it works, as well as a guide on how to set it up:"

So solution does exist. I don’t know if I can manage the integration myself, because I’m not a programmer. I would appreciate, if you make this integration easier with Wordpress pro plugin.


Yes, i was referring to generic integration.

Checking the generic integration document, i think it should be possible to send the info for the user and subscription amount to Patreon, receive them back and process it for the relevant affiliate - regardless of the page.

The main catch is that we would need to track first time registrations or pledge changes. The former could be done by checking pledge relationship start date and checking if this matches the affiliate cookie time. The second is more tricky - to check whether the user increased the subscription amount and pledged to a higher tier.

Ill think on this in the next few days and update this thread. If its very simple we may do this via just a snippet. If its a bit complicated it may make into Patron Pro in the next few releases.


Hey there,
I would love this integration to be able to work as well. I would need to track only the first time subscribers. I’m able to build a Wordpress site on my own, and have experience with AffiliateWP already, but I don’t know how to code, so the link Michael brought up, does not open on my end.
I would also appreciate this integration as it would make my Patreon numbers grow.



This thread will be updated with the results i mentioned earlier within next week. This week there is a Patron Pro release pending - but it wont have this affiliate integration - its going to be for the frequently requested “Lock parts of content by $ level” feature.

Next week i will likely have something that you can use.


The situation looks like it will necessitate a decent amount of code and ongoing maintenance:

Its necessary to detect affiliate cookie on user’s browsers.

Then user’s pledge level and pledge relationship start date must be acquired from the user’s Patreon info.

The function that runs in AffiliateWP’s custom integration shortcode must be somehow used to credit the affiliate if the pledge was recent enough when compared to user’s date of affiliate cookie. AffiliateWP’s shortcode in that documentation page is not designed to be used dynamically - its meant to be put in a static page where the users will land after purchases, like a checkout success page.

With Patreon WordPress, it needs to be dynamically used since any user can start the unlock process from any post and return to that post after subscribing.

Then there is the issue of handling pledge upgrades - a user may have subscribed before, but s/he may have upgraded to a $10 tier from a $5 tier. This must be credited to a relevant affiliate as well.

Naturally the code would need to be updated to keep up with future API changes and updates/changes in AffiliateWP and greater integration.

Im pondering whether this would be much better to have in a separate, premium addon.


Depends on the amount of time you need to make it possible and the price for this premium addon. In my case - I need a solution, that is why I’m ready to use a premium addon.


This feature would be absolutely amazing.

It sounds like there are some technical difficulties (when aren’t there?), but maybe it can just start with first time subscribers and if the plugin does well, pledge changes can be added later?

A plugin like this though would be a HUGE step forward for marketing our projects, because we can actually incentivise influencers to send traffic to our sites.

More patrons means more money, so I’m sure no one will object to this feature being a seperate premium plugin… I’d be all for it!