Does the wordpress plugin only sync from Patreon > Wordpress

I installed the plugin so that I have only one place to post, in my wordpress site. But it seems the sync is only happening in one-direction: From Patreon to Wordpress. Is that accurate or am I missing something?

Yes, it is unidirectional. The Patreon public API does not include capabilities to receive content - just to send it. This limits anyone creating add-ons for now.

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If you want to have one place to post and prefer to have it be on WordPress, you can post to WordPress and share a snippet back to Patreon, with a link to the post in WordPress. Alternatively, you can do your posts in Patreon, use the plugin to sync, and then polish the content as needed in WordPress.

Either way, I recommend using the plugin feature to lock some of your posts as Patrons Only so that you can get engagement more on your website. You can set your site to only permit people to register/ log in with Patreon and enable comments for registered users.

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Thanks for the advice. I’m developing a FOSS service so all my engagement is on discord. :smiley:

Yes, that totally makes sense. I think a lot of creators like to use Patreon for the funding and the integrations for surfacing content and features in other sites and apps.

I’ve not used the Discord integration yet. Have you? If so, what do you think?

Ah sorry I didn’t mean I was using patreon interaction with discord. Just that my community is there and nobody is interacting with the blog itself.

My actual integration is on my own web service: Sponsors

Yes, its from Patreon to WP as Jenn said. But still, you can post at Patreon and get those posts auto-synced to your site.