Feedback on the WordPress Plugin (Current)

Just wanted to throw my enjoyment, experience and thoughts on the WordPress plugin. For me the plugin has been a fantastic addition – I’ve always been the sort to self-manage my own domain and customized WordPress setup for branding something so this is a great bridge between platform users on Patreon, and those that might be less interested in Patreon and more in following from my brand’s website.

The Great Stuff!

Post sync is phenomenal and I look forward to see additions (i.e., default featured image) and so on in future updates. As a creator, having to relay posts everywhere is annoying and eats up headspace that I could be spending more on creating versus managing multi-posts.

Looking for Improvement.

Relays are important to me. I dislike having to manually relay that I’ve made a new Patreon post to social media and places like Discord. I’d love to be able to make a single post on Patreon and let that do everything I need it to do. This is natively possible with new WP posts but one thing I noted was that post sync from the plugin doesn’t appear to trigger my Discord webhooks at all. I’m not sure if this is an issue or if it’s just not available at this time, but I’d love if the post sync from Patreon’s plugin communicated new posts with say, IFTTT.

The Patreon plugin also has potential to be the bridge to get non-Patreon users to sign up and subscribe without pushing them to go to Patreon. I don’t think the API has endpoints to handle sign-ups without making them create and set up an account first, but one thing I noted is at conventions and such it’s an extremely hard sell to try to get non-Patrons to sign up right there versus using some other path-of-least-resistance platform to tip or subscribe. If the Patreon plugin ever made is at simple as entering an email and payment credentials in an overlay popup on my website to simultaneously become a Patron and unlock my .com’s content that would be phenomenal, but I also understand that’s a bit of an API-contingent pipedream, especially because of payment data handling.

Anyway, that’s my feedback for now. Keep up the great work!

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There is a new branch of the plugin with an image import revamp and also featured image setting. You can try it if youd like:

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