Wordpress Plugin ETA

Hi everyone,

I know you are all hard at work making this API work. As a non-developer, I was very excited by the Patreon Wordpress plugin and have many plans for it, however not knowing when it will be released is making planning difficult.

Is there currently an ETA for its redeployment?


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Hey @PossibilityStorm!

Ack. That is frustrating. I apologize.

The story is that the previous version is and was in use by several large creators and at launch, overwhelmed by interest, we realized that it was not a suitable experience for most Patreon creators who may not have technical resources to implement it properly.

The good news is we’ve taken the opportunity to add some really, really good improvements and robust simplifications/flows that we hope will make the wait worth it. I’m pretty excited about this.

Naturally I want to be careful committing to an ETA publicly because we’re also depending on WordPress.org’s review and approval, which varies between plugins. What I can say is the development is mostly done and we are already in process with them, so it’s in final stages. We’re talking order of magnitude a few weeks max, and hopefully faster!

I hope that helps,


Extremely helpful. Thanks!

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