to not support API after June 22nd, 2020?

So the message when I check on my Client page at Patreon itself I see the above image.

Is this something that affect the regular plugin?

Mostly curious and thank you for any help!

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The API’s going to be shut down? It’s absolutely essential for me, and would be a complete dealbreaker that would force me to move away from Patreon (which I do not want to do).

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I’m hoping this just means they will no longer be updating the documentation and that there will no longer be official support for it…
But this is extremely disappointing to be told that the API will no longer be supported only a few days before it actually becomes unsupported. I had higher expectations.


Huh? Could we get some more information about this.


  1. Is this just for API v1 or all API access?
  2. Is this a shutdown, maintenance mode/no more features or ‘if it breaks we won’t fix it’ deal?
  3. I assume that this also means any libraries that are reliant on the API, such as Wordpress and Discourse will be ‘disconnected’ if anything should happen to the running API?
  4. Why wasn’t every Patreon creator with an API Client or a member of this forum emailed about this 3 months in advance? Did I miss it?
  5. Is the ‘resource constraints’ personnel or system? I can’t imagine it is system constraints.

You know anything about this @codebard ?

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Why they every year come up with something that’s a damage for users or creators?
Without even a warning email before doing this move!
And what does “actively supporting” mean? It had a cost of billions to write an article about that explaing if “actively supporting” means shutdown\upgrade break\no more ticket supports, or what?
That’s not a professional and serious attitude, I’m shocked for real.


This seems like a really bizarre decision. Can we please have some clarification? As someone who just started using Patreon and had planned to integrate it with my application, this has left me pretty concerned.

If this just means the documentation is going to stop being updated: Fine. Being unable to keep API docs updated seems like weird problem for a serious tech company to have, but I can cope.

But if you’re not updating the docs, it makes me nervous that the whole API might be mothballed or removed. It would be really nice to know what the plan is.

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Sent a mail to Patreon to get some info hours ago, still silence…

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Please keep us updated.

Hi all, Brian from the Product Marketing team at Patreon, I posted up a thread in our main community forum with the full update. Feel free to ask questions there, but I hope this clears up any fears about the API going away - it’s not. We are just unable to dedicate the resources to actively maintain and update it right now, so we want to be transparent and honest with our developer community.


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I’m happy as long as things keep working the way they’ve been working. My web site depends on the Patreon API and I don’t want anything to break.


@Brian, You can’t imagine how much developers risked almost a heartache for that message. LOL

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Then could you please revise the wording of your notice and provide a link to your post or further information?
Many of us depend on the API. Suddenly posting a message like that on the Patreon API page, without any accompanying emails, is not a good look for Patreon.

@Brian Reading that post

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be migrating our developer forum over to our main Patreon Community Forum

You better be fixing the following problem. Some of us that develop for the platform aren’t creators, we develop for creators. I can’t reply to that post.

I’m not surprised the API is being abandoned. after spending way too long trying to figure out how to decipher the convoluted reasoning behind its design. Please go look at how discord’s API works, IMO it was easy to understand, use, and implement and by far has more features that are arguable much more complicated than what patreon needs.