I'm a new developer: Are all the Patreon APIs depreacted? As in, don't use for production?

I am new to the Patreon APIs, and our organization is thinking of using Patreon to give “technical pledge rewards”.

However, looking at the docs, I saw:


As of June 22nd, 2020, we are no longer actively maintaining the API due to resource constraints.

If Patreon APIs are no longer being maintained, I guess it is really silly for an organization to move to Patreon since the APIs are no longer maintained for production if something goes wrong?

Maybe Patreon should start a Patreon to get funds to maintain the API…

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The current message basically wants to communicate that there’s the public api, there is documentation, but there isnt direct technical support - only community support. (You are looking at it now). So its basically just like any other api on the internet. You can use it for production. In fact, there are over 4000+ WP websites which use it in production over the official plugin:

Some of these are pretty large, high volume sites. So the api holds up pretty well. (Also the WP integration is pretty mature).