Will API v2 come out of beta?

In the documentation (https://docs.patreon.com) it states that the API is not longer under active development as of June 22nd, 2020 due to resource constraints, but it also states in a separate notice that v2 is in beta.

Is the v2 implementation included in that non-active maintenance notice? Is it no longer being developed?

If so, are there any plans as of now to continue development on it?

Committing to an API that is no longer being developed (or maintained for that matter) is tough. And, unfortunately, it impacts the decision to use the platform at all for me personally.

Api is being widely used as of this moment. The message is more about direct technical support for the api. Community support is available here, as you can see right now.

You can develop with the api surely, but make sure to use only v2 clients, calling v2 endpoints by using v2 calls. Definitely avoid mixing v2 and v1 in any way.

Its pretty reliable so far, with many creators’ custom apps using it and various high profile integrations using it:

Solely WP plugin is active at over 4k+ sites, some of them are pretty large sites with phenomenal traffic. Works fine.

Don’t believe what Codebard says. The API is being left to rot. More and more things keep failing, like some fields that used to be there now being returned empty. The hooks are now partially broken since they added multicurrency support, and nothing has been done to keep it up to date. There are also regular complaints in this forum with problems with the Wordpress plugin. Because of the state that it’s in, I’m finding myself having to do some tasks manually that before were completely automatic. I’m fearing that if anniversary paying is implemented, the API is not going to be updated and it’s going to completely break, so for many of us that depend on the API I think it’s a good idea to find an alternative to Patreon as soon as possible. I’m leaving as soon as I can.

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There are also regular complaints in this forum with problems with the Wordpress plugin

Well, as long as a WordPress plugin exists, it will have support requests with members having certain issues or wanting to do certain stuff that they are not right away able to do out of the box. And in time, such requests must not get lower in number, but must get higher, since it signifies that plugin is being used by a larger user base as time goes on, and also means that new features being added. Reduction in support requests could point to plugin adoption falling or being stagnant or development on the plugin stopping.

Additionally, long-time members must come with increasingly more advanced support requests and issues because it would mean that these members are becoming advanced users and using more of the plugin. Maybe even transforming into addon developers in future.

Regarding current state of the plugin, a large amount of current issues seem to be issues related to handling of different post types during post syncing from Patreon. This feature did not exist in the plugin before May 26, 2020. It was added with supporting text posts only and as time goes on new post types are added. So we are fleshing out a new feature which did not exist. And when a new post type is added at Patreon, it will have to be done again. Something normal for a WP plugin’s lifecycle.

If you have a specific problem that is not related to a yet not-implemented feature, just post a ticket for it so we can look into it. Posting a thread about something that is not supported yet is also welcome since it is an input in respect to feature requests.

As for api being abandoned or not - as development on it is being done, it definitely is not.