API V1 random error after API V2 announcement

Let me copy and paste here what i wrote in the API V2 post (that was ignored probably):

"since you guys announced this API Beta, some users reported a error in my “perfect working system” lol

all was fine before, but now, some users obtain a error when my code calls the line:

userResponse = apiClient.fetchUser();

This is the error:

Line: 235 - com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.UnrecognizedPropertyException: Unrecognized field “url” (class com.patreon.resources.shared.SocialConnections$UserIdObject), not marked as ignorable (2 known properties: “user_id”, “scopes”]) at [Source: N/A; line: -1, column: -1] (through reference chain: com.patreon.resources.User[“social_connections”]->com.patreon.resources.shared.SocialConnections[“discord”]->com.patreon.resources.shared.UserIdObject[“url”])"

Apparently 0.4.1 fixes this issue - https://github.com/Patreon/patreon-java/releases

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ok, i updated my version, lets see if this fix, thanks man